What Adult Content Writing Is All About 

Around 15% of content online is adult content, according to estimates. That is a surprisingly large chunk of online content, and it’s no wonder that there are plenty of businesses and websites that have sprung up to take advantage of this market.

But adult writing is an umbrella term, and there are several products, and media that come under it. In this article, we have detailed everything you need to know about Adult Content Writing, and what exactly it comprises.

What is Adult content writing?

As stated, Adult Content Writing is an umbrella term that means writing done for various purposes. There are several types of adult writing, some of which are:

  • Writing for adult websites

 Websites that include adult topics will require an adult content writer to write eye-catching content.

  • Writing descriptions for adult products 


Depending on the products, whatever they may be for, they need an adult content writer to write catchy descriptions for them. Viewers will only consider a product if it is described well.

  • Writing stories 

This is perhaps the most popular type of adult content consumed by online viewers. Writing adult stories is a proper job with the internet increasing demand for it exponentially in the last decade.

  • Writing video descriptions 

Video descriptions are also a main part of the content an adult writer has to deliver. The best marketing strategy is when the video is described in detail, and this is a policy some adult websites have taken for their consumers who might have sight problems.

Adult content writers are in demand to deliver SEO-worthy content for various adult websites. The adult product market needs good writers too, and content writing for adult websites and services is only set to boom over the next couple of years.