Best Action Movies MoviesOf 2021: Good Movies To Watch From This Year

The Telugu industry is well credited for its extravagance and flamboyance, and its vibrancy. However, recent film industry trends pave the way for new talents, artistic freedom, and creative plots; they have seen significant changes in classic genres such as love stories. The Telugu industry is no exception.

With today’s advanced technology, streaming movies online has never been easier. With all at our fingertips, watching movies and discovering new shows has become as simple as a few mouse clicks.The emergence of streaming services and OTT platforms that include high-quality Telugu movies to watch online has aided in reversing previously existing trends in the film industry. Filmmakers have become more innovative in their content delivery as audiences prefer more realistic and content-rich yet sophisticated plots.

Aha is one such OTT Platform, an exclusive streaming platform for Telugu blockbuster movies online, series, and shows. If you’re searching for something different to watch and Aha has sparked your curiosity, here are a few action movies available to stream on Aha to help you speed up the process of signing up. 

  1. Kaasi 

Kaasi is the Telugu dubbed version of the Tamil Historical-Action film Kaali, which was released in 2018. Written and Directed by KiruthigaUdhayanidh, the film stars Vijay Antony in the lead alongside Anjali, Sunaina, ShilpaManjunathAmrithaAiyer.

Kaali tells the events in the life of Bharath, a successful surgeon in America. On coming to know that he is an adopted son and his roots are based in India, he looks for his biological parents. Inquiring at the orphanage where he grew up, he discovers that he was born in Kancharlapalem, that he was the son of Parvathy, who died saving him from a charging bull, and that his real name is Kaali.

What follows from hereon is how Kaali finds out who his birth father is while unfolding many secrets. 

  1. SahasamSwasagaSagipo

SahasamSwasagaSagipo is a 2016 Telugu romantic action-thriller film that was written and directed by Gautham Menon. Starring Naga Chaitanya and Manjima Mohan in the leads with RakenduMouli and Baba Sehgal in supporting roles.

SahasamSwasagaSagipo tells the story of Rajnikanth, a protective brother and a bike enthusiast. Things grab speed when he falls in love with his sister Maitheri’s best friend Leela and takes her for a road trip on his bike to Kanyakumari. While coming back, he decides to drop Leela at her house in Kolhapur.

While returning to Leela’s house via Kolhapur, they are involved in a fatal accident in which his shoulder is injured. Leela’s parents were both assaulted on the same day, with her father succumbing to his injuries. Rajnikant is later revealed to be an IPS officer stationed in Kolhapur.

The second half of the film focuses on Rajnikanth’s vengeance against a corrupt official, a corrupt police officer Kamat, responsible for the murders of Leela’s father and is planning the murder of Rajnikanth’s parents, and a gangster, Hiren. The rest of the plot revolves around Rajnikanth’s ability to do so and how his love story with Leela develops.

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