Cleaning a moissanite ring

ready to ship engagement rings

Grease and oil can have a big impact on them, but nothing a quick clean can’t fix! It is best to clean the jewelry with moissanite at least once a month to make it sparkle, sparkle and look brand new ready to ship engagement rings.

Here are some simple ways to wash and make your Moissanite gems shine.

Our special! Fluffy toothbrush, dish foam and hot water, that’s it! Do you wish your Moissanite ornaments to be gorgeous? Equip a pot of warm, soapy liquid first. Make convinced you use liquid dish detergent to do this (abrasive cleaners are not recommended). Dust the jewelry completely with a smooth toothbrush and then wash it nicely under mild water.

You can then let the jewelry normally dry, utilize a hair dryer or sheet towel as you desire. This can be performed as frequently as you want.

Utilize a retail household jewelry maker and cleaner: You constantly have the choice to buy a non-toxic fluid cleaner for your  jewelry. These purifiers are incredibly beneficial at eliminating dirt and coating that can accumulate on your ornament.

Ultrasonic method: This is the method used by most jewelers before shipping orders to customers. They fill the machine with water and a cleaning solution and then place the Moissanite jewelry inside it. Within minutes, when the cleaning process is completed, they take out the clean, shiny jewelry. This method is not recommended  for use outside a jewelry store as the stones may loosen due to machine vibrations. When used in a shop, the jeweler usually checks for loose stones.