Does the clear ALIGNERS really move the teeth in right direction?

Clear aligners are the aligners which are made up of a material which is very strong enough and within the core material it has many invisible activation bands which is responsible for the tooth movement and also by wearing these kind of aligners the truth movement is also very easy whenever if you bite on this aligners it activates the alignerswhich will automatically move your teeth as suggested in the treatment.

By wearing this invisible aligners even the other person will not know that you are going through the treatment and the basic advantage of this is that your treatment will not be known by others and the maintenance is very easy when compared to that of metal braces which has  poor aesthetics and also maintenance is very tough enough

 If you want this kind of aligners then you must check the clear aligners cost Singapore. They provide you the transparent material braces by which the tooth movement occurs accordingly as directed by your dentist. In this there is a protocol to be followed the first and foremost thing is the teeth of the patient are scanned by 3D imaging and after that it is the treatment mode is planned.

 After that once the treatment plan is decided then they will send it to the clear aligners lab where they will process and customize thealigners which has to be worn at least for one week and each set has to be changed for everyone week and there has to be worn for at least 22 hours a day that is they should be removed only while brushing and eating.