Edible cannabis – A Must-have in Dispensaries!

Have you recently launched a cannabis dispensary? Do you want to gain some instant attention and great sales?

Cannabis edibles can ensure you just that. These are highly popular among marijuana enthusiasts and you can sell these at your store.

Edible cannabis

Must-have cannabis edibles at your dispensary 

  1. Cannabis macarons

Brilliant appearance, awesome presentations, and yummy ingredients – cannabis macarons are the clear winners. These come with distinct flavors including citrus, hazelnut mocha, green gold, tropical jungle, and grilled PBJ. Each one has its exotic charm and taste. Each macaron contains about 20 mg of THC.

  1. Hazelnut and grub

Hazelnut spread or Nutella spread is a favorite to many. 20 mg dose of California hemp makes it yummier to the marijuana enthusiasts. Medical patients can also consume this item.

  1. Jumbo cannabis

What’s better than 20 mg of THC? 40 mg of THC! Yup! This tasty recipe has a superb ingredient list including cashews, cacao, coconut, raisin, honey, almond, Himalayan sea salt, and 40 mg of THC. The preparation is ideal for all the fitness enthusiasts out there.

  1. Dollar dose

It is a common weed edible available in most of the dispensaries. It contains as little as 5 mg of THC. So, it brings no harm to the patients who are cutting down sweets intake. It has different flavors including apple Indica, rootbeer, watermelon Sativa, Hibiscus, and so on. If you are looking to sell cost-effective edibles at your store, this is your best bet.

  1. Chill chocolate

Dark, white, or milk – the cannabis chocolate comes in distinct tastes. The flavors include cappuccino, spicy, peppermint, and each bar has about 100 mg of THC. You can sell all the flavors or a few as per your customers’ choice.

  1. Caramel and sea salt

The bar brings a euphoric effect with its right proportion of sweet and salty. It has about 10 mg of THC and contains two distinct flavors of caramel and sea salt. The rocky texture of the bar is a personal favorite to many weed lovers.

  1. Chocolate coin

10 mg of THC and 72% cocoa dark chocolate – that’s what goes into making chocolate coins. These are delicious and have a unique look, and it’s available in retail at a low price. So you can see its demand in the market.


These are only a few of the thousands of cannabis edibles available in the market. You can always stock-up more products and increase sales.