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Hong Kong incorporating company services has recently become increasingly popular. 3E Accounting understands why Hong Kong has received so much interest from companies looking to start a business or establish a firm there. For further information on how to incorporate a business in Hong Kong as well as how to create a company in Hong Kong, see the Reference for Hong Kong Company Formation. Hong Kong is a gateway between China and other countries of Asia with international investors, having been named one of the world’s most competitive economies. Proximity to the Asian marketplaces, capital independence, a dynamic financial market, hong kong company incorporation cost, and a thriving investment climate are among the primary reasons that international investors choose to incorporate in the country. All of these elements have contributed to Hong Kong’s status as a top investment opportunity for investors from across the world.

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New Horizons offers end-to-end expansion services that enable you to form a legal organization in China rapidly and legally. Our legal experts, who have a deep grasp of the Chinese market, can advise you on how to traverse the international market using solutions that allow you to maintain the same level of legal compliance as your domestic companies. New Horizons helps your company’s ability to preserve employment compliance with China’s norms and regulations at every level of your China growth. This enables you to manage business formation, payroll services,¬†and china company formation including tax compliance with ease.